Groningen, The Netherlands, 22 September 2009

Mucosis receives key US patent covering its Mimopath® technology.

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Dutch biotechnology company MUCOSIS B.V. announced today that it has been granted a key patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for its Mimopath® technology, a new invention in the field of vaccines. Patents for this proprietary technology have also been granted in the European Union and China.

The newly issued patent covers the core technology platform developed by Mucosis for the formulation of vaccines. The technology uses particles, GEM particles, derived from inactivated probiotic bacteria. The GEM particles are loaded with antigens of choice to form highly effective vaccines. Mimopath™ vaccines can be delivered to humans via the mucosal layers through a simple nasal spray without the need for an injection. Mucosis has shown such vaccines to be effective against a variety of parasitic, bacterial and viral diseases, and is applying the Mimopath™ technology in its influenza and pneumococcal vaccine programs.

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About Mucosis
Mucosis B.V. is a Dutch biotechnology company developing innovative mucosal vaccines that can be applied needle-free via the nose or mouth. Mucosis’s lead product candidate is FluGEM®, an intranasal vaccine to prevent influenza. Mucosis’s vaccines are based on the patented Mimopath® technology. This technology enables a more natural immune response as well as a broad base of protection.

About Mimopath® technology
Mimopath® technology is based on Lactococcus lactis, a safe bacterium commonly used in the food industry. Mucosis has developed an easy technique to formulate the L. lactis bacteria into non-living particles that can be loaded with antigens from viral, bacterial, or parasitic origin. The antigen-covered particles form a vaccine that can be delivered into the nose or mouth, without the need for a needle. These vaccines raise protective immunity by activation of both the innate and the adaptive immune system.

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